“There’s a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”L. Stavoe

Incredibly thankful for all of my clients and their amazing birth stories…

Grace Under Pressure

birth-doula1It’s hard for me to know where to begin trying to explain the massive contribution that Cornelia was to the end of my pregnancy and my son’s birth. We met when I was about 7 months pregnant and was (and still am) a single mom. She and I connected immediately. Her warmth and kindness left me feeling supported and nurtured from day one. Cornelia made herself totally available and accessible to me, and as a nervous first time mom, knowing that she was always in my corner was absolutely invaluable. Emotional support aside, she provided me with tons of amazing articles, books, videos- information that greatly influenced my birth and postpartum choices for myself and my baby. When I went into labor, I was fully prepared, thanks largely to Cornelia alone. I was in labor for three LONG days and Cornelia was by my side nearly the entire time. She was tirelessly calm and loving, the picture of grace under pressure. She provided me and the rest of my birth team with a sense of peace and strength that we wouldn’t have been able to survive without. She was our rock. I had this picture perfect birth in mind, and it TOTALLY didn’t go the way I thought it would, but the one perfect thing throughout the whole ordeal was Cornelia’s reassuring presence. I truly cannot express how deeply I respect, trust, value and LOVE Cornelia. Her place and purpose in this world is working with birthing mamas. She is pure light, gentleness, wisdom and love, and I could not be happier nor more grateful that she was my doula!

Steph H.

Birth = January 2013

Peaceful birth = Peaceful Earth

maria-blessingwayCornelia Mazzan is a mother, wife, healer, artist, teacher, mentor, birth advocate & peaceful warrior. She is deeply rooted in Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) & utilizes the energy of the Universe to create more love in our world.
Cornelia is calming to be around, she ‘holds space’ in a way that is supportive & affirming. Her ability to stay strong, yet soft, in moments of intensity is a true gift of hers. She gracefully uplifts women & their partners, to believe in themselves enough to release fear of the unknown & trust the birth process.

Cornelia offers guidance & support from conscious conception, through pregnancy & the journey of becoming a mother / father. She is an incredible presence to have on a birth team because of how she helps a woman spiral within, allowing nature to unfold in the gentlest possible way. Her reverence for birth, & the exquisite moments just after birth, is inspiring. There is a miracle taking place at birth & Cornelia is a strong tree of protection. She is an advocate for parents who can sometimes feel overwhelmed. She is also a great support for the post-partum time when mothers need the most support.

I am grateful for Cornelia Mazzan & all the time she spent talking with my partner & I, leading us in meditation, suggesting books & films on birth, & being there for us throughout our journey. She makes me feel so safe & loved, she is pure love.

Thank you & many blessings,

María S.

~ Mother to Naïma Jaguar
~ Born in water & at home
~ January 3, 2014, 4:01am
~ In a blizzard !

Double VBAC Success

b-t-2015Cornelia attended the births of my second and third children.  First, as a doula in training, and then as a certified doula.  She offered outstanding support for both me and my husband.  Knowing Cornelia was with us put both my husband and I at ease.  She used her comprehensive knowledge of childbirth to help me achieve 2 unmedicated VBACs.  I know I couldn’t have done it without her support!  She knew so many different techniques to help manage labor including essential oils, massage, and rebozo.  She really coached us through the births and helped us to get the outcomes we wanted, bringing us closer together and making the VBAC experience amazing.

Rebecca T.

Birth = December 2014

Acupressure Saves the Day

l-a-feb-2015Six years ago when I had my first child, I brought my husband and sister into the delivery room with me. While they were a great comfort and I enjoyed having them share the birth experience with me, neither one of them was prepared to help me labor naturally without medication. I ended up having an epidural, which I had hoped to avoid. For my second child, I really wanted to have a doula in the room with me to help me labor more naturally. My husband would be there of course, but he could be there to hold my hand and share in the birth of our child. After searching with no luck earlier in my pregnancy, I was able to find the Wise Birth Choice doula services. I contacted them when I was nearly 36 weeks pregnant, so that didn’t leave us much time. No sooner did I make the final decision and complete the paperwork, the baby decided it was time to make her arrival! Without any prep, Cornelia came to the hospital with everything that I could need and she was ready to help. I was put at ease by her soothing demeanor and she helped my husband and I decide what kind of birth we wanted. We shared our birth plan with her and she immediately set to work. She had an innate ability to know what I needed without me even having to say anything. I was able to labor naturally, thanks to her reflexology (acupressure) techniques! I was amazed at how she was able to keep me focused on the birth and involve my husband at the same time. She is a great person to have in the delivery room and to be part of your birthing team. I was extremely pleased with my experience, and I highly recommend anyone considering a doula to use Wise Birth Choices, especially Cornelia!

Lindsay A.

Birth = February 2015

Compassionate Support

cornelia-oriCornelia was my doula & Yoga practitioner & soon became a good friend! I met her during my first pregnancy in order to be well prepared (body & mind) for the pregnancy idea & the process of giving birth.

With her gentleness, compassion & large professional experience, Cornelia helped me feel good about myself & cope with all the feelings women usually experience when pregnant. But more important, she taught me how to deal with the process of giving birth by combining Yoga exercises along with meditation techniques.

Cornelia is very experienced with natural birth, art, holistic health & much more. Those combinations within one person makes Cornelia one of a kind! I strongly recommend anyone to get to know her & enjoy her as a doula!

Avital F.

Birth = September 2012