10891978_10154981725400125_8124606604606889014_nAs your Birth and Postpartum Doula, I provide intuitive, nurturing support. With my extensive background in various healing modalities, including Prenatal Yoga, Calm Birth meditation, Reiki & Quantum Healing, and Essential Oils, I work to synthesize an individualized plan tailored to you and your innate vision of your birth and your mothering.

Prepare to feel informed, uplifted and empowered!




RoseQuartzBasic: Rose Quartz Package — $1400*

  • Two private, in-home prenatal planning sessions
  • Text / email support during your pregnancy
  • On-call 24/7 during your due month — 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date, until the baby arrives
  • Labor support in your home before the birth
  • Support during the birth at your chosen location**
  • Breastfeeding & newborn support after the birth
  • One postpartum visit after hospital discharge

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amethyst2Basic Plus: Amethyst Package — $1650*

Includes all items above plus:

  • Two 1-hour energy healing sessions
  • Two 1-hour private prenatal yoga sessions

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Selenite__crystalline_variety_of_gypsumThe Works: Selenite Package — $2425

Includes all items above plus:

  • Four private, in-home childbirth education classes
  • Two additional in-home private prenatal yoga sessions
  • One pack of Bless You Mom affirmation cards

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Additional Services

Birth Story Healing
mama-BSHBirth is an elemental force moving through us. Because of this intense power, our births do not always go as planned. Even when we deliver a healthy baby, we can be left with feelings of anger, guilt, shame and a lingering inner turmoil. In this healing session, we will work together to process your birth story, remove negative energies and download positive energies in their place leading to a deep cellular healing and more feelings of peace. Available in-person / phone / Skype.
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Placenta Healing
mama-PLHThe placenta is a powerhouse of nurturing and protection, filtering both the mother’s and baby’s blood throughout pregnancy up until birth, then aiding the transition to breathing air. But in some cases the placenta is discarded after birth without honoring the physical and energetic work of this life-giving organ. This can lead to feelings of loss, fear, and unease. During these sessions we will work together to acknowledge the “guardian angel” aspect of the placenta and clear any energetic blocks standing in the way of a fully empowered life. Sessions can be done for yourself or your child. Available in-person / phone / Skype.
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Energy Healing Session for Pregnancy
mama-PHClear fears and energetic blocks that may be hindering you from having the pregnancy and birth you want. You will feel uplifted, centered and peaceful after our work together. Available in-person / phone / Skype.

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Energy Healing Session for General Health
mama-GHClear fears and energetic blocks that may be hindering you from having the peaceful, balanced life you want. You will feel uplifted, centered and peaceful after our work together. Available in-person / phone / Skype.

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Postpartum Doula
$35 / hour

  • In-home support focusing on what mom needs during the first 4 weeks after birth and beyond.
  • General newborn care — feeding, diapering & bathing baby
  • Making sure mom cared for  — hydrated, fed, showered and rested
  • Light housework
  • Running errands
  • Meal preparation
  • Help with older children
  • Overnight support
  • Learn more about Postpartum Doulas

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Private Prenatal Yoga Session

Stretch, strengthen, relax and bond with your unborn baby in the comfort of your own home in this nurturing class.

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Private Postnatal Yoga Session

Reconnect with you body after birth by stretching and strengthening, then enjoy the final relaxation as you restore and recharge in the comfort of your own home.

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motherhood-mexicoPrivate Childbirth Education Class, 4-part series

Learn the physiology of birth, optimal lifestyle & nutrition for pregnancy, what to expect in labor, comfort measures for labor & birth, and all about the care and feeding of your newborn. Includes training in Calm Birth meditation, an empowering method for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. No prior meditation experience required.

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Bless You Mom Cards

A beautifully designed pack of circular affirmation cards to support & inspire you on your mothering journey.

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*Please note: I ask each of my couples to take an independent Childbirth Education Class of their choosing. In general, I don’t count the hospital childbirth classes unless they are a full day and more in-depth. Suggestions are available upon request, or you can check the Resources section for links.

** At this time I am only able to support hospital births for insurance reasons. Please contact me if you are planning a home birth to discuss further options.